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Whirlpool Statistics By Products, Revenue and Reviews



Whirlpool Statistics: Whirlpool is an American multinational manufacturer and distributor of home appliances. It is mainly committed to being the best brand of kitchen and laundry appliances worldwide. The main vision of Whirlpool Corporation is to improve life at home around the world.

This Whirlpool Statistics will guide you effectively as it includes several segmental analyses and current market trends taken from different insights of recent years. So, if you are thinking of investing in Whirlpool, then the paper will be beneficial for you.

Editor’s Choice

  • According to Whirlpool Statistics, the company’s net sales revenue is expected to be $16.9 billion by 2024.
  • As of 2023, the overall revenue generated by Whirlpool, the American appliance manufacturer, was around $19.45 billion.
  • The sales revenue accounted for by Whirlpool Corporation’s refrigerator and freezer segment remains the highest, resulting in $5.79 billion.
  • In 2023, the maximum sale of Whirlpool Corporation was from the North American region, with a share of 59%.
  • The company operates over 55 manufacturing and technology research centers within 34 locations across 10 countries globally.
  • Whirlpool Statistics also stated that around 59,000 employees were working in Whirlpool in 2023, which has decreased eventually from previous years.
  • The company invested almost $1 billion in capital expenditures and R&D in 2023.
  • The whirlpool.com website, ranked by traffic in March 2024, received 3.5 million total visits, an increase of 1.12% from last month, and a bounce rate of 54.6%.
  • The highest traffic source was captured by Organic search with 56.7%, and LinkedIn holds the highest social media referral rate with 62.08% share.
  • In 2024, Whirlpool Corporation is named one of Fortune’s most innovative companies among all others.

Let’s Understand Whirlpool!

The Whirlpool Corporation was founded by Frederick and Louis Upton in 1911 and is headquartered in Benton Harbor, MI. The company mainly manufactures and sells a wide range of home electronic appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, cooking ranges, ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and many others, that are available globally.

Whirlpool’s other subsidiaries or brands are KitchenAid, Maytag, Consul, Brastemp, Amana, Bauknecht, JennAir, and Indesit. Advanced technological developments have enhanced innovation in other Whirlpool home appliance segments. Not only manufacturing, but the company also maintains a strong commitment to sustainability, from developing energy-efficient appliances to reducing carbon footprints across global operations.

General Whirlpool Statistics

  • In the United States, nearly 80% of Whirlpool products are assembled and sold out.
  • Around ten Whirlpool production plants are located in the United States.
  • Both in the United States and Mexico, Whirlpool remained the most popular washing machine brand.
  • By 2023, Whirlpool’s advertising expenses have increased from last year, resulting in $392 million.
  • Whirlpool Statistics further explained that Scope 3 emissions are the largest category for Whirlpool emissions, and alone, it can produce 49 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (mtCO2e) by the end of 2023.

(Reference: statista.com)

  • The above graph is taken from a Statista report covering the overall Whirlpool’s operating profit analyses from 2008 to 2023.
  • By the end of 2023, the operating profit had turned out to be $1,015 million.
  • Whirlpool Statistics also explained that in scopes 1 and 2, the company reduced its GHG emissions by 25% in 2023 compared with the previous year.
  • Meanwhile, the Scope 3 category allowed a 7% reduction and expects to reduce emissions by 20% by the end of 2030.
  • The company maintained a good relationship with Habitat for Humanity, thus contributing $144 million and 1.23 million products.
  • The company donated 388 refrigerators in the United States as a segment of its Feel Good Fridge Program.
  • The program was working to fight food insecurity, and thus, the company expects to install 500 fridges by 2025.

Whirlpool Statistics By Operational Priorities

(Source: cloudfront.net)

  • As per Whirlpool’s annual report in 2023, the company has delivered up to approximately $800 million through decisive actions and a disciplined approach for balancing the cost structure after $2.5 billion of cost inflation in the last two years.
  • Whirlpool Corporation’s total revenue turned out to be $19.5 billion in 2023.
  • On the other hand, nearly $0.4 billion in cash has been returned to shareholders.
  • The ongoing EBIT was $1.2 billion, and the ongoing EBIT margin resulted in a 6.1% share.

Whirlpool’s Earning Statistics

  • As mentioned in Whirlpool Statistics, net sales were $5,088 million in the 4th quarter of 2023.
  • Meanwhile, net sales excluding currency were $4,999 million, GAAP net earnings (loss) available to Whirlpool were $491, and ongoing EBIT was $266.
  • However, GAAP earnings (loss) per diluted share were $8.90, and ongoing earnings per diluted share were $3.85.

Market Capitalization of Whirlpool


(Source: companiesmarketcap.com)

  • Analyses driven out from Whirlpool Statistics state that in 2023, the global market cap of Whirlpool received $6.67 billion, which has decreased by 13.33% from 2022.
  • On 10th April 2024, the market cap was reduced by 9.43%, resulting in $6.04 billion.

Whirlpool Statistics by Region

  • Whirlpool Corporation’s maximum sales came from the North American region, with a share of 59% in 2023.
  • Moreover, only 19% of the sales share was generated by Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Whirlpool’s sales shares in other regions are in Latin America (17%) and Asia (5%).
  • According to Whirlpool Statistics, in Q4 of 2023, North America generated net sales revenue of $2,881 million and EBIT ($242 million).
  • Other regions’ sales revenue and EBIT are followed by Europe, the Middle East, and Africa ($995 million and $33 million), Latin America ($4974 million and $58 million), and Asia ($28 million and $3 million).

Whirlpool Statistics By Product Revenue


(Reference: statista.com)

  • According to a report published by Statista on Whirlpool Statistics, in 2023, the sales revenue accounted for by Whirlpool Corporation’s refrigerator and freezer remained highest at $5.79 billion.
  • Furthermore, it was followed by other Whirlpool products’ sales revenue, such as laundry appliances ($5.33 billion), cooking appliances ($4.72 billion), dishwashing ($1.73 billion), spare parts, and warranties ($0.95 billion).
  • Other products collectively made sales revenue of $0.93 billion by 2023.

By Product Share

  • Sales share of Whirlpool’s products segments in 2023 were 30% (refrigerator and freezer) and 27% (laundry appliances).
  • Other category shares are laundry appliances (24%) and dishwashing and others (19%).

Whirlpool’s Product Innovation

  • Whirlpool is the first company to introduce SlimTech insulation technology to different home appliances.
  • This technology reduces the thickness of refrigerator walls by 66% and provides 25% more capacity.
  • Some cordless kitchen appliances, such as a hand mixer, choppers, hand blenders, personal blenders, coffee grinders, and a kitchen vacuum, were introduced in 2023; the same rechargeable 12-volt battery can operate them.
  • The next-generation garbage disposal is
  • Another innovation is the Flush Built-In Microwave Hood Combination, which enables multiple cooking meals and an easy cleanup facility.

Refrigerator Brand Statistics


(Reference: statista.com)

  • In September 2023, Whirlpool captured 5th position among other refrigerator brands in the United States of America, with an 11% share.
  • Meanwhile, rest brands of refrigerator share are Frigidaire (17%), GE (17%), LG (12%), Samsung (11%), Kenmore (7%), Kitchen Aid (3%), Bosch (2%), Maytag (2%), Electrolux (1%), Haier (1%), Hitachi (1%), other (3%), and don’t know (12%).

Washing Machine Brand Statistics


(Reference: statista.com)

  • Per Whirlpool Statistics, in the United States, Whirlpool is the most used washing brand, with a share of 16% by December 2023.
  • Moreover, brand shares of other washing machines are GE (15%), LG (14%), Samsung (13%), Maytag (9%), Kenmore (8%), Amana (3%), Frigidaire (3%), Black and Decker (2%), Bosch, Electrolux, Fisher and Paykel, Haier, Hotpoint, SpeedQueen (1% each).

The Website Traffic of Appliance Statistics

By Country

whirlpool.com Web Traffic by Country

(Source: similarweb.com)

  • As explained by Whirlpool Statistics in March 2024, the United States had 69.67% of total traffic on whirlpool.com, but it was reduced by 0.31% in total website visitors.
  • Furthermore, other countries recorded the following contribution in total traffic: Brazil = 4.65% (-20.37%), Mexico = 3.82% (-2.57%), India = 3.15% (+14.79%), and Canada = 2.76% (-7.92%).
  • Other countries collectively made up around 15.95% of the visitor share.

By Demographics


(Reference: similarweb.com)

  • The users shared on the whirlpool.com website are male (50.47%) and female (49.53%).
  • Appliances Statistics by age group states that the highest number of website users observed is between 25 and 34 years old, resulting in 23.12%.
  • 20% of website users are aged from 35 to 44 years.
  • 66% and 18.55% belong to 45 to 54 years and 55 to 64 years, respectively.
  • 66% of users are 65 years and above.
  • Only 9.02% of user shares contributed from the age group of 18 to 24 years.

By Device


(Reference: semrush.com)

  • As per Whirlpool Statistics, in March 2024, 30.38% and 69.62% visited whirlpool.com through desktop and mobile devices, respectively.
  • 15% of total appliance users belong to the United States, resulting in 3.93 million, in which desktop and mobile users share accounted for 31% and 69%, respectively.
  • Canada has 158.38K users, resulting in a 3.19% traffic share, of which 28.3% share comes from desktop and 71.7% from mobile.
  • Out of the total players, 2.26% of traffic came from the United Kingdom, resulting in 112.05K. Desktop and mobile user share was 22.48% and 77.52%, respectively.
  • India and Singapore have 99.26K users (2% share) and 94.35K users (1.9%), respectively.
  • Meanwhile, desktop and mobile users in India (34.61% and 65.39%) and Turkey (2.56% and 97.44%), respectively.

By Traffic Source


(Reference: similarweb.com)

  • Whirlpool Statistics further states that organic search accounted for the highest traffic rate towards whirlpool.com, resulting in a 56.7% share in March 2024.
  • Moreover, 31.32% of the traffic share is accounted for by direct search, while 4.1% is from Referrals.
  • In addition, other traffic sources shares included are paid searches (3.22%), social (2.55%), mail (1.39%), and display (0.73%).

By Social Media Traffic Rate


(Reference: similarweb.com)

  • On the whirlpool.com website, LinkedIn recorded the highest social networking share, 62.08%.
  • Facebook and Reddit contribute 25.13% and 9.13% of social traffic share, respectively.
  • Other social media traffic shares are Youtube (3.49%) and Facebook Messenger (0.17%),

Whirlpool Statistics By Import and Export

  • In a report analyzed by Volza, the worldwide shipment of Whirlpool recorded around 115.1K, which were imported by 3,353 global buyers and exported by 3,286 suppliers.
  • In December 2023, the Exporting Countries of Whirlpool products were China (34,490 shipments), the United States (21,713 shipments), and India (12,275 shipments).
  • Whirlpool’s top three export product categories are HSN Code 84182100, HSN Code 8450900000, and HSN Code 8450200000.
  • The importer countries of Whirlpool were the United States (29,698 shipments), Peru (19,620 shipments), and Ukraine (12,401 shipments).
  • The top 3 import product categories are HSN Code 84182100, HSN Code 8450200000, and HSN Code 8450900000.
  • Whirlpool Statistics also states that global buyers’ shipments of Whirlpool products were from Vietnam (678), the United States (395), Costa Rica (288), India (246), Ukraine (128), Peru (118), Bhutan (100), Ecuador (79), Uganda (77), Chile (62), Kenya (62), Nepal (57), Pakistan (57), Ghana (55), and Sri Lanka (50).
  • Meanwhile, Suppliers countries were Vietnam (6422), India (6146), Argentina (5057), Philippines (2452), Guatemala (2107), Colombia (1863), Russia (1213), Chile (994), Sri Lanka (746), Bhutan (682), Ghana (597), Bolivia (575), Bangladesh (515), etc.

Top 5 Whirlpool Refrigerators

  • Whirlpool 19.4 Cu. Ft. 4-Door French Door  (best four-door refrigerator): $2,340
  • Whirlpool 21.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side  (best for side-by-side refrigerator): $1,530
  • Whirlpool 28.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side  (best for large capacity refrigerator): $1,890
  • Whirlpool 11.6 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer  (best small capacity refrigerator): $630
  • Whirlpool 19.7 Cu. Ft. French Door  (best three-door refrigerator): $2,070

Best Whirlpool Washing Machines

  • Whirlpool 9.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Whirlpool Whitemagic Classic 6.5 Kg GenX Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine
  • Whirlpool 11Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
  • Whirlpool 8 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Smart Appliances of Whirlpool

  • 4 cu. Ft. Smart top-load gas dryer ($1,124)
  • 8 cu. Ft. Smart top load washer ($1,034)
  • 0 cu. Ft. Smart front load washer with load and go, XL plus dispenser ($1,529)
  • 4 cu. Ft. Smart freestanding electric range with frozen bake technology ($1,574)
  • 0 cu. Ft. Single wall oven with air fry when connected ($1,599)
  • 0 Total cu. Ft. Double wall oven with air fry when connected ($2,699)


Whirlpool is famous worldwide for manufacturing, distribution, and selling of refrigerators, washing machines, and other home appliances. The business venture has grown enormously over the years and has become the global market leader for refrigerators. The company operates over 55 manufacturing units and technology research centers within 34 locations across 10 countries globally. T

his article on Whirlpool statistics includes many effective statistics about the company’s market share, revenue earned, developments, the best products to buy in 2024, and many others.

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